16 Jan 2013

light meal for the hot summer

Sydney was up to 43 degrees the other day,  the third highest temperature on record.  Kid and I were very exhausted, so we stayed at home to avoid the heat.  We didn't have much appetite, but EATING it often can help strengthen the digestive system, relieve vomiting, nourish blood and energy.  So, with the food I had in the fridge, I came up with these 3 simple meals. 
Brunch, Vietnamese roll bread + mix vegetable salad + smoke salmon + mayonnaise.
Afternoon Tea, tropical fruit salad + wafer crispbread + kangaroo island honey with fig ice-cream.
Dinner, the left over Rillauds Angevins + potatoes.
It's easy, tasty and low cost.
This year I try to eat healthy and be healthy!

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