20 Aug 2011

"Police is going to take me away..."

Katsu: Mama.... I don't want to go (sob)
Me:  What's the matter?! Why are you crying?
Katsu: I don't want to go (sob sob)
Me: Go?!  Go where? Where are you going?
Katsu: Police is going to take me away..wa~~ !!
Me: Police? Tell mummy, did you do anything bad?
Katsu: I sit in jiji*'s car, jiji has a driver licence, nana has a driver licence, mama has a driver lience, but katsu doesn't have a driver licence.. If I don't have a licence, Police will take me away (sob).... I don't want to go to police station(sob sob)
Me: Okay, okay.  How about this...I'll make you a driver licence, so police won't take you away :)

*JIJI = 「ジジ」, means GRANDPA in Japanese.

I made a New "Shouth" Wales Driver Licence....(^0^) hahah

So, here is the Driver Licence that I made for my son.  It was almost the same as the real one!  Katsu was so happy, he brought his new licence to school the next day and proudly showed it to his teachers and friends.  All teachers laughed and yelled up "What a great job, Mum!".
Mission: success!  b(^_^)

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Kortney said...

Felice, your kid is so stinking cute! This story cracked us both up! :)

- Felice - said...

Kids always have great imagination. (*^_^*) I'm glad the story entertained you and Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

How innocent story is!!His imagination was beyond ours!I miss Katsu...


- Felice - said...

Then come to Sydney!! You know we all welcome you here, Hiroko. :)

Brooke said...

Great idea Felice. My son uses old expired cards and pretends they are credit cards, etc.

- Felice - said...

I don't keep expired cards. "MAKE" is my only option and I'm very happy to be my son's personal "Miss Maker"!

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