21 Jul 2011

Blessed Name / 恵みを授けた名前

"FELICE", is a variant of Felicia (Latin) with the meaning of lucky, fortunate, happy.  

Today I found a photo with my name on it.  This photo belongs to one of the Internet shops that I visited recently.  I feel so pleased!! 

This shop sent me a photo of the item that I purchased before shipping.  Great service b(^0^)
Felice, Feliz (Spanish), Felise (Franch)... sounds so BEAUTIFUL!
How I love my name - FELICE <3

* Check http://www.name-meanings.com/ to find out the meaning of your name!

2 コメント / Comments:

Brooke said...

Wow that's good service! It looks beautiful.

- Felice - said...

The best service with fast delivery!! It's something I should learn...

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