29 Jun 2011

Katsu is having a fever with 39.2 degrees. (T_T)

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Rie said...

That's too bad:-( お大事にね。。。

- Felice - said...

I know! He doesn't want to miss his school this Thursday & Friday... There will be a parent meeting for me too!!

ありがとう for the message. Let's hope our little Katsu will get better soon.

Hiroko said...

I hope he will recover soon!

My apology for haven't been tached.

Your blog always cheers me up!!



- Felice - said...

Hello Hiroko,
Thank you for visiting my blog. It's good to hear from you! Hope you are doing well :)

Hiroko said...

I'm fine, thanks!And all my family member is fine too!!
Hope Katsu is getting better today.
In Japan, it is so hot and humid, as you know, these days. The area where my parents live recorded 39.8 celsius last week. Especially this year, it will be hardest summer because we have to save electrocity due to power plant down affected by 3.11 earthquake.Can't help it!! So we have to pay attention to avoid being 熱中症.
So, feeling little bit weird you're waering sweater and jacket. Wanna escape there!!

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