2 Mar 2011

To Do List

10 things I need to do this month:

  1. Contact the Immunisation Agency to correct the mistake of my son's birth date.
  2. Make appointment with doctor for the Skin Infection.
  3. Take my son to Australia Museum.  This is very important!  I have promised him.
  4. Clean up the mess and move the furniture.  It's time for some change. (Just the bedroom)
  5. Renew some images for the item on Etsy.
  6. Join some challenges to improve my craft skill.
  7. Study!  Teach kid how to write and read.  I also need to do some homework...
  8. Update the blogs once or twice a week.
  9. Get a proper haircut! I haven't visit hair salon since I came back from Japan.
  10. Take out Autumn clothes.  It's getting cold... 

3 コメント / Comments:

Brooke said...

Hope you can find a solution to Katsu's skin infection soon! Try Moxie Fab World for some craft challenges. I need a haircut too, so does Brian for that matter. Oddly though Kevin is the only one in the family to get one - booked for this morning!

- Felice - said...

I've also been thinking about Moxie Fab World! Great Challenges!

Oh, lucky Kevin! Do you cut Brian's hair? I'm going to give Katsu a haircut soon!

Brooke said...

No I don't Felice. I take him to Stefan. Their first haircut is free and from then on it's about $10 or so. I'd be hopeless at hairdressing!!

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