20 Feb 2011

Skin Infection / 皮膚感染

Okay, this is not funny.  My poor little baby got skin Infection from school.  It started from one side of his ear and now it's all over his body.  His face, shoulder, arms and legs... Terrible!

Katsu cried a lot.  He feels itchy, but can't help himself scratching, then bleeding.  With Doctor's prescription, we got this medicine called KELFEX.  We also bought Band-aid to cover the bleeding parts so Katsu won't be able to touch them again and get worse.

Katsu misses his school so much and he wants to go out badly.  Hopefully, He will get better soon.

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Shiroi Tora said...

I once got a similar infection from school when I was about 7 yrs. old. I took a few weeks for mine to clear up. I was very itchy. I hope he gets better soon!

- Felice - said...

Really? I never had that kind of problem when I was little. It's been almost 2 weeks since my son got the infection... We've changed another medicine and he is getting much better.
Thanks for the comment

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