22 Jan 2011


There are few important things I need to do before February:

  1. Pay school fees (kid will start preschool from next week)
  2. Apply Child Care Benefit
  3. Update my shop and the other blog
  4. Learn more about marketing (don't like it, but I have to)
  5. Give some clothes to The Salvation Army
  6. Clean up the bedroom (cleaning 365 days a year, still dirty)
  7. _____ (still thinking)
oh, I really need to be more organised this year...

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Brooke said...

I think a great marketing tool is word of mouth. If you can get your products to a couple of famous people out there and they use them and talk about them on their blog that would make for good advertising.

I've got a few suggestions if you want to shoot me an email.

- Felice - said...

Yes yes yes! That's what I need...
Thanks Brooke

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