27 Jan 2011

A Day At The Beach

Beautiful Beach @ Maroubra

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Anonymous said...

Hi Felice,
I havent cheched ur blog for a while, sorry.
Wow!!You look sexy and gorgeous!!
Have you been spoken by any handsum guy??
Im jealous of such beautiful beach!!really wanna escape!!!

B.T.W,Katsu looks so grew up and bacame more "boy",its so amazing!

Have a good day!

- Felice - said...

Hello Hiroko, how are you?

It's been awhile not hearing from you. How's your life in japan? Katsu goes to school now and he is very happy to make new friends. I have just started my little Internet business. www.kazuonlinestore.blogspot.com <-- have a look.

The beach is truly beautiful, you should come and join us :)

Shiroi Tora said...

Nice pictures. Your English is very good. You have a very cute son. Mine just turned 10. Nice blog. Keep posting...I'll stop in every so often. See you then.

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