8 Dec 2010

December Daily: DAY 6

What a busy day I had!  Took the kid to the local medical centre to get his immunisation.  Not only one, but THREE shots in ONE DAY!!!  We spent almost 2 hours in the medical centre because the doctor had to conform with Australian Immunisation Register.  We have been told to go back again next month for another TWO shots!!  Ha.. how LUCKY!

After that, I had to visit the bank and spent another hour talking with the staff.  Kid got really hungry and asking for MacDonald, so I bought a HAPPY MEAL with the latest menu MacBites + $1.95 MacDouble .  Yum Yum!  It's good to have FAST FOOD one in a while.

by mobile phone camera

Perhaps the weather was too hot, one small size drink wasn't enough for this little thirsty boy.  I went to the near by Asian food store and bought Japanese tea for him and myself.  Finished lunch, we had a little shopping before we headed home.  

Found this poster at a bus stop when we were on our way home.  Charlie and Lola's BEST BESTEST PLAY at Sydney opera house?  I want to see!  I want to see!  with my child, of course.  Charlie and Lola is one of my son's favourite animation in Australia.  Do you know how much it costs for one person? Aus$35 each (not including booking fee).  Me and Kid = $78 ?! Oh my, that's expensive!!  

"Mum, look!  It's a FIRE ENGINE!" my kid yelled...  It happened very close to the bus stop where we found Charlie and Lola's poster.  Don't know what happened inside that building, but two fire engines came.  Hope no one get hurt.

Tomorrow is the last day of play group.  It will be another busy day for sure. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Felice,

Thank you for the amazing Christmas card!!I didn't expect I could get the one I commented.

Just wanna say thank you shortly.
Keep in touch


- Felice - said...

That's quick :-)
I'm glad the card safely arrived your place.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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