23 Dec 2010

December Daily: DAY 23

Wow, yeah!  ONE MORE DAY!!!  My son just can't wait to open his presents.

Another surprise came to our door this morning while I was in bed (the postman just left the parcel outside the door).  More presents from kid's uncle and aunt. 

Katsu: woo~!  Katsu's present?
Me: Yes.  It's from your auntie Rie & uncle Yuki.
Katsu: woo~!  Christmas present for Katsu?
Me: Yes.
Katsu: Can I open it?  Can I open it?
Me: I'm sorry babe.  You can't open it 'til Christmas.
Katsu: Why? Why? Why?
Me: If you open it now, you won't have any present on Christmas Day.
Katsu: oh... I want Christmas presents.  When is Christmas?
Me: One more day, honey.

[ In the afternoon]

Katsu: Mum, Mum.  Look at the clock!  What time it is?
Me: Well, the short one point at 1 and the long one point at 12, so it's 1 o'clock.
Katsu: is it Christmas time now?!

No dear, I meant ONE DAY more, not ONE O'CLOCK!!!   gee....

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