23 Dec 2010

December Daily: DAY 19

Katsu: Why Katsu have to study?
Me: You are almost 4 and it's good for you to study a bit before you go to school.
Katsu: Why?
Me: Don't you want to go to school? 

Katsu: Why?  Katsu want to play car and train.  Katsu don't want to go to school anymore.
Me: Your car and train are tired today.  You can play tomorrow, but not today?
Katsu: Why?
Me: Because you play your car and train almost every single day.  It's good to try something else.

Katsu: But why? I don't want to study.  I just want to play car and train.
Me:  .... can you stop asking WHY?
Katsu: WHY?
Me:  Well, how about, lets do some finger painting later.
Katsu:.....alright (unhappy).

Me: So, you happy now?

Katsu: yap ( with a big smile)

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