21 Nov 2010

Good evening my dear blog readers. It's almost 11:30pm here in Sydney and Kid is asleep. NOW I'll try to report you through my iPad.

Inspected two units this morning. Both units are located near the shopping centre and bus stop with 2LDK + 1 parking area. Good enough for a small family like me, but pricey!  (More expensive than the place where I used to live in Tokyo.)  So I think it's impossible for me to get an unit this year.

My son has terrible dry skin.  I told him not to scratch his body, but he wouldn't listen.  Now he has many red spots around the arms and shoulders.  My mother thinks those red spots might scare away other people (kids' parents), so she tried to cover them with Band-aid.  One, two, three, four, five...and six places all covered with Band-aid.  Looks really funny!

It's only few weeks left before Christmas.  My mother and I had a BIG Christmas shopping the other day at Bondi.  Do you want to know what Christmas presents we prepared for my son?
Can't tell you right now!  You will find out soon :-)

Running out of energy.  Better go to bed now.
Good night


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RIE said...

Your boy's uncle has very dry skin too. Is it atavism!?

- Felice - said...

:-) who knows?! Lol
Both of them share the same family name!
I just hope that Katsu can stop scratching soon...

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