6 Nov 2010

{Dress} Me

Something that I would LOVE to wear this summer.  Are you ready for some shopping?

  • CARI Cotton/modal cap sleeved T-shirt with foil and flocked logo $59.95/ LONGSDALE LONDON 
  • "Sail Away" Top $19.95 / FACTORIE
  • "Belinda" Shorts $29.95 / FACTORIE
  • "Sail Away" Bottom $19.95 / FACTORIE
The T-shirt from LONGSDALE LONDON is a bit expensive.. but I just can't help it!  Love the design!!

2 コメント / Comments:

Brooke said...

You really have a wonderful knack for fashion and colour matching Felice! I wouldn't never have the courage for a bikini though!!

Felice said...

Hahaha... thanks Brooke. You should have a try. You never know :)

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