1 Nov 2010

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween

Hope everybody had a great time!  This year we had a wonderful Halloween Party at a Canadian friend's house.  Party started at 3 and we had early dinner around 4.  After that, kids walked around the neighbourhood for "trick or treat".  

Each family had to prepare one dish and I made "sausage spring roll" (I learned it from an Irish bar) +  little hand made cupcake flag?!  I think I did a pretty good job! Drink B.Y.O (bring your own).  A friend of mine recommended me VASSE FELIX and I chose Classic Dry White. Thanks, Ralph.

Wine, cheese, ham, sweets... and children's laugh!
I'm sure we all had a nice Halloween. 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Felice,

Its great that you had a wonderful time on Halloween and Katsu looks so lovely dress! Meanwhile, I joined my friend's weeding party and bride's dress was purple color like a cute witch!And talking with university friends a lot! I spent wonderful time too!

p.s. I see ...What your favorite is Ettuse's nail color!!Do you have any request color?

Felice said...

Sounds like you also had a nice time with your friends. Umm...purple wedding dress?! that's interesting! Your friend must be a cute lady.

I love those little bottles of nail polish from Ettuse. I miss Japanese コスメ a lot ( the truth). Anything you get for me, I'll accept! :)

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