27 Oct 2010

TO DO list

  1. Prepare Halloween party. / ハローウィンパーティーを準備する
  2. Send out all the letters / 手紙を届く
  3. Clean up the room. / 部屋を掃除する
  4. Take the kid to hospital for immunisation.  / 子供の予防接種
  5. Self studies / 自習
  6. Prepare Christmas / クリスマスを用意する
  7. Looking for pre-school. / 学校を探す
  8. Finding a new place to live. / 新しい住む場所を探す

2 コメント / Comments:

Anonymous said...

Hi Felice,

Thank you for the letter and photos!I didnt know that you were taking such shots and Im a little bit embarassed but it reminds me such happy time!
The nailpolish you mentioned I will send you, but I dont remenber what exactly...Can you show up on the blog?


Felice said...

so you have received the mail. that's wonderful!

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