13 Oct 2010

I'm a good boy... / ぼくはいい子...

"Mama, I am a good boy today!"
"What did you do this time?"
"I don't know.  The chair is broken!"
"The CHAIR?"
"Yah!  Katsu sit on the chair and the chair goes DON(?)! and it's broken..."
"so you broke the chair..."
" .....mummy! mummy!  Katsu is a good boy yo!" 

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hiroko said...

Did you have a good sleep lastnight?Sorry for keeping you until late night.
Hahahah! So cute Katsu!!Im a good boy...
How is in sydney?Is the season will be summer?
I got a diving license last month in Izu and want to dive in beautiful sea like Gold Coast!!
Enjoying my new life in "Togoshi" which is so fun to look around "Shotengai".
If it will be sunny on Sunday, I will go to Tokyo Disney Land!!So exited!!but weather is no good by the forecast...mmmm...

Keep in touch !
Hiroko from Japan

Felicey said...

It's so nice to hear from you. TDL?いいな~! My son is still crazy about Disney. Lucky you

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