19 Oct 2010

I {heart} colour : PINK

There is no rule for a BIG GIRL like me, playing around with PINK!!  It is one of my favourite colour. PINK mobile phone, PINK iPod mini, PINK psp, PINK dress, PINK ballet shoes... 
Actually, I just painted my nail PINK

Are you feeling PINK today? 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Felice,
I love pink too!There are many pink items in my new apartment's kitchen.Pink kettle, starbuck's tumbler, cups,napkin and towel, turner...They make me happy!
BTW, A friend of mine is going to Sydney next week, do you have any reccomendation to visit or buy?Im asking to buy Julique hand cream!!

Keep in touch!

Felicey said...

Well, Hiroko... for a wine lover, I suggest your friend to join a day tour @ Hunter Valley. Bondai Junction for shopping + beach! Of course, don't forget Opera House, Olympic Park and China town!!

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