5 Sep 2010

Finally, the spring has come and my condition is back to normal.  Kid has started his Play Group Life few weeks ago ( it's only once a week) and we have met so many new friends.  Our life back in Australia is getting better and better. 

Someone complained to me about not doing my duty as a blogger.  So, should I start from where I left a month ago?  That would be sometime back in July, after my kid's birthday.  July 15th was a beautiful sunny day for going out.  My brother Steven who is 2 years younger than me, took me and his niece to Sydney Olympic Park for the once a year event show - Disney On Ice.  It was something I wanted to see when I was still in Japan.  thanks Steven!  The show started at 2 in the afternoon so we had plenty of time to enjoy our lunch at home. 

"Mummy, I want Disney Popcorn...".  Popcorn?!  One bucket of popcorn for $14 (you can get it within $5 in the local super market)?! and the bucket is not cute at all!  "Are you sure?"  I double checked with my kid. "YES, I want POPCORN!".  Okay, $14 was gone!!  "Mummy, mummy... I want to eat ice." "ICE?!" and so I spent another $9 to get one Stitch shape cup of crashed ice.  I have to say, it was very expensive just to see the show and I had already spent $23 before the show started. 

The show of this year's Disney On Ice was called "DISNEYLAND ADVENTURE" ( the performance is different each year).  Kid and I were getting so excited because we LOVE Disneyland so much!  My brother on the other hand was more crazy about photo shooting!!  I think he took more than 200 photos of it.  We had a lot of fun!!


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Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds like you had a great time at Disney on Ice, even if it was expensive! Katsu is a lucky boy! Kate xxoo

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