20 Sep 2010

A Day pt2 / 一日 pt2

1:10 Wanted to go back to my sweet Qsize bed already, but there were still a lot of things to do.  I washed up all the dirty plates, checked the mailbox (the postman often comes around this time in my area) and I didn't forget to water the planes. 

2:45 Got a phone call from the bank.  Had a little discussion, problem solved.  Lucky that I didn't have to go out ( I really didn't have the energy for that).  I asked my son to join me for an afternoon reading.  We read a story called "Ham and Kero's Shopping Day" together.  Um..?!  Someone left a message in my mobile phone.  My, my!  It's an old friend from high school. "Hello...". 
3:00 Candy time!  My son's favourite hour.  I prepared a party pack of potato chips for him to enjoy and I could have my free time checking the Internet.  Checked my emails, blog, facebook, twitter, skype....  Received, sent, received, sent for the next few minutes.

4:30 I had early preparation for tonight's dinner while my son was watching cartoon.  "Mama, I'm hungry." "but you already had chips for Candy Time." "but I'm still hungry!".  Okay, I got carrot, onion, mushroom, rice, eggs and pasta sauce.  I made an omelet containing fried rice..."mm~ yummy!".  With similar ingredient, I made a French dish for my brother. (sorry, I didn't take any picture of it) 
6:25  Uncle was back from work.  Warmed up the dish and ready to eat.  After the news, I took the kid to shower and fold those clothes that I washed this morning.  Brushed teeth, gave kid little massage.  It was time for bed...  my whole body was in pain again ( still sick, remember?!)
8:00  I told my son that I was too tried to read story book today, so he went to bed straight away and slept.  That was pretty amazing.  ( thank you so~ much!) 


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Anonymous said...

What a tough day! It is hard being sick when you are a Mama! I'm glad that you got through it in the end! :) Hope you are feeling better now! Kate xxoo

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