20 Sep 2010

A Day pt1 / 一日 pt1

6:00 My alarm rang, but I couldn't get up so I went back to sleep again. 

8:00 The alarm rang again.  My brother left the house early for work and my son was still in bed.  I tried to open my eyes, but they were too heavy.  The medicine that I took last night were still affected my body.  I decided to go back to sleep again.

8:30 "Mummy, good morning!  It's a beautiful day!" "Katsu babe, mummy is sick.  Can you let me sleep more?" "Mummy, mummy, mummy.  Katsu is hungry.  I want to eat!".  I forced myself to wake up.  My throat felt sore...  Went to the kitchen, I made a cup of hot milk + "Sipahh" milk flavouring straw for my kid and turned the TV on so my kid could watch his favourite ABC2 kids TV program.  For myself, I had a cup of hot tea and my mother's home-made bread for breakfast.

8:45 Trouble has started.  My son didn't finish his breakfast.  He spilt milk on the table.  He couldn't go to the toilet in time so he pee on the bathroom floor.  I asked him to brush his teeth, but he spat out the toothpaste soon he put it in his mouth.  It was a disaster!!

9:00  No time to feel sorry to myself.  Changed my son's dirty clothes and put them into the washing machine with the others.  Cleaned up the table and wiped the floor.  Left the kid in the livingroom with TV on, I went back to my room and truned on my computer.  I had my schedule book next to my computer.

10:00  Study time.  My son picked up his text book "Preschool Basics for ages 3-5" from his little bookshelf.  He was doing pretty good.  We studied NUMBERS together and learned few new words. 

11:45  I made this Japanese dish - OGONOMIYAKI for lunch + sauce (Soy sauce with mayonnaise)

  Kid needs healthy balanced food, so I mixed with lot of vegitable and some bacon (my son is a meat lover).  It was very easy to make and my boy loved it so mcuh!!

to be continued...

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Anonymous said...

oh felice! you poor thing! sounds like you had a bad morning! did the afternoon get any better? can't wait to hear all about it. Katsu sounds like such a handful. You are such a good Mummy teaching him preschool lessons :) Kate xxoo

Felicey said...

I'm writing the pt2 now. Won't be long. :)

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