5 Jun 2010

Things I like / 好きな物 

5 things that I am interested in / 五つ好きな物 :

Something I would love to share with everyone.

  1. Yogen Fruz candy yum yum. Love them so much! There is only one shop in Sydney (World Square), but not sure if they sell the candy. I got them from Japan.
  2. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF1 digital camera. It's a present from my kid's dad thank you. The best camera ever I have got... it's my everyday tool!
  3. PSP2000 in pink. I know, I know. It is an old type. Still, I can do lots of things with it. Games, music, movie, radio, e-comic, internet and skype. Perfect!!
  4. gelato pique's 8 colour crayon. gelato pique is a famous roomwear store in Japan. I found this cute crayon when I visited EBISU last month.
  5. Cath Kidston. Don't you just love her design? I have 2 CK bags, 1 CK agenda, 3 CK's notebook, 2 CK's megazines... well, as you can see, I am just crazy about it!

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