22 Jun 2010

BIG DAY / 大変な日

It is always good to meet new people. I met a really nice Japanese lady the other day in a shopping centre and she has invited me to meet her friends at the near by park this morning. There were 5 mummies and 7 children.

I never had trouble making friends, but my boy Katsu had a really difficult time to get along with those kids today because he was the NEW FACE. He asked those boys politely if he could play ball with them, but all he got was "Go away, I don't want to play with you!". That hurt my boy so badly... he was too shock and couldn't stop crying.

ME: What's wrong, babe?

KATSU: I can't play ball. (sob)

ME: Why? You can play ball with those boys.

KATSU: Mummy, I can't! People (boys) said " I don't want to play with you!" (crying)

ME: Did you say " Can I play ball with you?"

KATSU: I say "Can I play ball with you?", but people said "NO!!!"... Mama, I don't want to play ball ......... ( kept crying)

I saw my kid tried so hard to communicate with those kids... still they rejected him. That hurts me so much, I almost cried with him. Perhaps other mummies felt bad about what happened so they tried to convince their kids to let Katsu join in the game. At the end of the day, my boy KIND OF made friends with two boys..but still, he couldn't forget what they said to him this morning.

-Just before bed time-

KATSU: Mummy, can I play ball??

ME: Of course, you can play ball with those boys again next time.

KATSU: No, I want to play ball with mummy.

ME: Of course you can play ball with mummy, but why don't you want to play ball with those boys.

KATSU: Because people said " I don't want to play with you". Can I play ball with mummy?

ME: (I cried) Don't worry. If you want to play ball with mummy, mummy will play with you, okay. Always...

Katsu baby, I know you had a hard time today. Not everyone can make friends so easily. Those boys still don't know much about you yet... it is going to take some time before they get used to have you around. Till then, let mummy be your friend...

your mummy


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Brooke said...

Oh Felice, I know how hard this is. I have found that just like in life with us adults, Brian has some kids he gets on well with and others that he doesn't. I'm sure when the other kids get to know Katsu it will be much better. But in the mean time it just breaks my heart, and yours too I'm sure.

Felicey said...

My boy doesn't want to go out anymore. He told me that he only wanted to stay home and play ball with me and my dad. He also had nightmares...I've never seen him so upset before!!

Anonymous said...

kawaii sou ne! Don't worry, I'm sure with a personality like his Mother's Katsu will learn as he grows up that plenty of kids will like him. It's not how many friends you have, as long as you have a few good ones, and he his mummy will always be his best-friend! Kate

Brooke said...

I'm sure that with good time he will enjoy going out again. Slow and steady. But for now you get to have the fun of being #1.

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