23 May 2010

Rainy Day / 雨の日

This is the view from my window today.

It has been raining for 2 weeks and it is still going to rain for the next few days.
I don't really like this weather. Can't do my laundry and too cold to go out.
My kid gets bored. He used to go out for a walk with his grandpa everyday and enjoy his outdoor activities. Now he can only have a little fun with his toy trains or watching some educational DVDs that I bought from Japan.

My boy and I love to spend time talking on the phone in these cold rainy days ( Although we rarely get phone calls from people because most of our friends are not living around). Sometimes it is nice to receive surprise calls from oversea!

The cold weather doesn't change my passion of cooking. I love cooking! I can prepare 3 dishes in 30 minutes. It makes me happy to see people enjoy the food that I made. My son is my biggest FAN! He loves everything I cooked!! Love you, son!

Our family goes to bed around 9 o'clock and it is hard to make the kid sleep early now. He complains about the weather is too cold, inside the blanket is too hot etc.
Oops, it's late again. Time to say goodnight.
Have a nice dream...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your stories! I love the photos and hearing what you've been doing! Your food looks delicious! I'm really lazy when it comes to cooking, mostly because I don't have time, but when I have time I really enjoy cooking 2-3 dishes! I should practice more! Nice talking on Skype last week, I must remember to log on again soon so we can catch up again - Kate xxoo

Felicey said...

hi Kate. It was really nice to hear your voice again! My boy was so excited and he couldn't go back to sleep after that :p

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