1 Apr 2010

Dream / 夢

"Yesterday I went diving with my sister-in-law.
we saw many fishes.
they were green, yellow, blue and red.
they were beautiful and I ate them.
It was delicious.
I woke up.
I was shocked.
It was just a dream."
This was one of the diary that my son's grandmother wrote when I used to teach her English back in Japan. Funny, but kind of scary!!
こちらは息子のおばあさんを書いた英語の日記でした。 まだ日本にいる時、おばあさんに英語を教えました。 内容は面白かったが、ちょっと怖いです。
Happy April Fools' Day!!!
エイプル・フールの日 万歳!!!

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