13 Mar 2010

Remake / 作り直す

Found some OLD clothes from the storage the other day. It's a waste if I just throw them away... SO I decided to remake them with my original design! I'm going to add some fabric flowers, nice cute little buttons and sexy lace... what FUN!!

先日 倉庫から昔の服を見つかりました。捨てたくないから自分のデザインを作り直せばいいなと思いました。ちょっとファブリックを作った花やカワイイ小さなボタンやレースを加えるなら... 何という楽しみでしょう!

3 コメント / Comments:

Anonymous said...

Cool! I look forward to seeing the finished product! Kate

Felicey said...

I just finished it! Sure you want to see it? Is not GOOD as what you think!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Mochiron yo! I liked what you did with the pink t-shirt and I'd love to see what else you make! Kate yori

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