15 Mar 2010

White Valentine's Day / ワイトバレンタイン

March 14th is Japanese White Valentine's Day.

It is the happiest day for Japanese women, but it may be the cruelest day to those men whom received chocolate on 14th Feb.

On this day, Men have to spend a lot of money to make their women happy. Expensive presents, classy restaurants, hotels with nice view etc.. Be tough! Japanese boys!!

The happiness made of money is really called HAPPY?

oh well, it's nothing to do with me anyway since I am in Australia...

Green leaves, Blue sky, Golden beach and kids laughing.

I am happy with my life


日本の女性として幸せですが、2月14日にチョコを貰った男たちにとって 残酷の日かも知りません。

この日に 彼女を満足させるため、男性たちはたくさんのお金を払わなければならないです。贅沢なプレゼント、高級なレストラン、良い景色を見えるホテルとか... 頑張れ!日本男子!!

お金で作った幸せは 本当にしあわせですか?




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