11 Mar 2010

Embellish Magazine Challenge / チャレンジ

It's time for Embellish Magazine Challenge! Look at these beautiful colours - Grean, Yellow, Pink and Peach!! + one or more BORDERS. Don't you just love it (^0^)

Since Easter is coming soon, I made a card just for it!

A "Matchbook" Easter card. I'm going to take some photos of my child searching for chocolate eggs and tag them in the card.


カードストック/Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper

パタンペーパー/Pattern papers: Pebbles Inc

リボン/Ribbon: American Crafts 

スタンプ/Stamp: rouge de garance, Colours Produce

インク/ Ink: Tukineko's Color Kiss, Brilliance

2 コメント / Comments:

Mariana Grigsby said...

I think your "matchbox" card is a great idea to hold Easter photos! Love it! Thank you for participating in the Embellish Color Challenge!

Felicey said...

Thank you for your comment Mariana! I'm glad that you like my idea.

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