3 Feb 2010

Inspired by Books Week Challenge! from American Crafts /チャレンジ

There is a great challenge from American Crafts called Inspired by Books Week Challenge!

"Inspired by Book?! That sounds EASY.." as my first thought, but I didn't realize how hard it was to find the right book!

The book I have chosen is MY QUOTABLE KID: A PARENT'S JOURNAL OF UNFORGETTABLE QUOTES. Well, it's not really a book, it's more like a diary for parents to write down what kids have been saying in their silly ages.

Here are some CLOSE UP look of my layout.

And the content...


Katsu: Mama, Where is your penis? (when we took shower together.)

Katsu: Mama, I love you... so go away! (He was trying to watch his favourite TV show)

Katsu: Katsu is not a boy, Katsu is a girl because Katsu loves bra.

Katsu: Ouch, Katsu is injured. Quick! Let's go to hospital. Call ambulance. ( He hit his toe with table coner)


パタンペーパー/Pattern papers: American Crafts #34400 #34405

アルファベットステッカー/Letter stickers: American Crafts #42858

ラブオン/Rub-on: American Crafts #43168

カードストック/Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper (pink and white) 

スタンプ/Stamp: Colors Produce

インク/ Ink: Tukineko

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