11 Jan 2010

Bath Time / お風呂の時間

Haven't had bath for awhile (we usually take shower). Feels so good!
The bath salts that we used today was the one I bought 5 years ago. It has been left in my parents' house for all those years.
久しぶりのお風呂。(普段シャワー) 気持ちイイな~!
今日の入浴剤は5年前に買ったモノです。 ずっと両親の場所に置いたまま。
ps. Thanks to my friend, Mayumi Y. I just received your greeting card! RED Mt. Fuji is so beautiful. Love it!

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Brooke said...

Felice, when I look at Katsu's face I see you. He looks just like his Mama!

Felicey said...

Really? I'm very happy to hear that :) Thank you.

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