7 Dec 2009

Update / 更新

Things I have done so far...

1. Tried to renew my driver licence.
2. Applied a Medicare card(国民健保) for me and my son
3. Unpacked my stuff
4. Got myself a new mobile phone number ( I bought a new 3G mobile phone when I visited Taiwan)
5. Cleaned up the house
6. Visited the beach
7. Bought a 1.8m high Christmas tree
8. Got to know new people...


2 コメント / Comments:

Keiko@TPE said...

Did you stopped by Taipei before you went back to Sydney??? Oh, I missed the chance to see you(><)

Felicey said...

I know...
I only stayed Taipei for 3 nights and got sick on the 2nd day!
We still have chance to see each other, some day, hopefully!!

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