14 Dec 2009

New Life / 新しい生活

Hello everyone! It's 9 o'clock here in Sydney (7 o'clock in Japan) and kid is asleep now. I think it's time to update my blog.

Life is peaceful here. Katsu enjoys his new life here with his grand parents and his uncle (my younger brother). He loves running around the livingroom (3 times bigger than my old one in Japan), dancing on my parents bed (king size), going for a walk with my parents on the beach (10 mins walk from our place) and drinking his OZ milk!! He is a Little Happy OZ Kid!

As for me, well, I finally got my medicare card and driver licence back. With these two IDs, I can open a new bank account and apply for other things! Most of the stuff that I sent from Japan are still on the ship. It takes about 40 days to get here by seamail and Christmas is coming soon... Lots of things to do :-(

We have been here for 2 weeks and there are something that we still miss about Japan. Food, shopping, friends and transportation. Katsu misses Tokyo Disneyland the most ( we only have Dream world, Movie world and Sea wold in Australia). He always asks me to show him some Disneyland's images from internet... I guess that we'll have to go back to Japan someday for a short visit!

It's late and I better go to bed.
Good night


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