21 Dec 2009

Can't Sleep / 眠れない

Good Day! It is 1:24 here in the morning. I was awaken by an international call few minutes ago and now I can't sleep anymore...Great!


My son is still asleep. 息子、いま寝ています。
Lucky him... 幸せな子ね

So, what do I want to do today... 今日一日に何をしたいかな...

1. Go to see a doctor 病院へ行く
2. Restart my scrapbooking スクラップブッキングまた始めよう
3. Shopping for Christmas Dinner クリスマスディナーのために買い物する
4. (still thinking...) (考え中...)

My brain is not working.. I should try to go back to sleep again.
Good night zzz

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