27 Sep 2009

ME Today / 今のわたし

1. I tried to clean up the house all by myself and it's really difficult... my son didn't help me much. He only made things worse (~_~) Feel so tired.

2. Just got my new scrapbooking albums from American Crafts this afternoon. They are still in the box! Can't wait to open it

3. Had bath alone. It was a joy!!

4. Found my diamond earrings. I got them from my motherinlaw when I was in hospital.

5. Didn't cook anything for lunch and dinner.

6. Talked to my parents on Skype.

7. Contacted with few real estate agents.

8. Watched Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Season Fireworks on YOUTUBE with my son.

9. Made a special Photobook about my Disney Trip.

10. Had a great peaceful day.


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