22 Sep 2009

Disneyland / ディズニーランド

How to spend time in Tokyo Disneyland:


1. Make a reservation with the restaurant where you want to have lunch.

  レストランの予約 (ランチのため)

2. Get your first FastPass for the attraction that you want to play the most.


3. Have fun with other small attractions before you get the next Fast Pass.


4. Enjoy lunch


5. Get your 2nd FastPass before you go to the first FP attraction.

  次のファストパスを取る前に 最初取ったファストパスのアトラクションを行く

6. Find a seat to relax and watch afternoon parade or try other attractions.

  ちょっとゆっくりして、午後のパレードを観る/ 他のアトラクションを乗る

AND don't forget to take photographs. 写真を撮るのは忘れないで...

Tokyo Disneysea:

check what I wrote before First DisneySea for two / 二人の初ディズニーシー



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